The US Alpine Masters organize age group alpine ski racing for competitors 18 and up. Competition is organized under the rules of U.S. Ski & Snowboard, the national governing body for skiing and snowboarding, in the alpine ski disciplines of SL, GS, SG, and DH. Ski racing events around the country are organized by masters groups within each U.S. Ski & Snowboard division. In addition to division races, there are regional and national competitions along with opportunities to compete internationally in the FIS Masters Cup (FMC) events.

Information and race results for regional and national championship events are posted throughout the 2023 season on the 2023 Current Season Events Current Season Events pages. See the current season events Events section below for overview and key links for all of this season's major events.
Results from regional and national championship events in previous seasons 2002 through 2022 are available in the Results Archives Results Archives section.


2023 Helmet Rules: For the 2022-2023 season, helmets are required for all events. FIS-approved helmets are REQUIRED for GS, SG, and DH. A FIS-approved helmet is marked with a conformity label reading "Conform to FIS specifications RH 2013". Helmets for SL are required and may have soft-ear protection.

New in 2023 is a stricter rule on helmet attachments: NO hard attachments are permitted! (Previously US and FIS rules prohibited helmet cams, but US rules provided an exception to permit camera mounts. US rules have now been aligned with FIS and no hard, protruding attachments are allowed. Stickers and sparkle are still permitted!)

New as of 2021: Fluorinated Wax banned in US events Fluorinated ski waxes are prohibited at all non-FIS levels of Alpine training and competition in the United States.

New in 2020: updated national championship scoring rules Starting in 2020, the National Masters Committee has decided to expand the national championship scoring rules to include the national championship downhill when DH is held as part of the national championships event. While the age class combined awards will continue to be scored on the results of the triple-combined SG-GS-SL races, DH will now be included in Divisions Cup scoring as well as in the US National Masters team selection. The national team selection will be based on best 3 finishes when 4 events are included in the nationals scoring.

The DH is considered part of the national championships event when a 4-event nationals is held with all four events DH-SG-GS-SL, or when the DH championship is reasonably colocated in space and time, i.e., immediately before or after the national championships at a nearby venue that does not require a separate travel commitment to a different location at a different time for competitors.

2023 short-term membership: U.S. Ski & Snowboard short-term membership for one or more race days can be purchased online for your first event! This makes it much easier to sign up for your first race - now you can handle your U.S. Ski & Snowboard membership ahead of time to sign the required release forms and provide the necessary information such as primary health insurance coverage, making your race day arrival much simpler. A short-term membership can be purchased once during the season and the fees can be credited towards an upgrade to full season Alpine Master membership.


Connecting Online U.S. Ski & Snowboard and division masters organizations are preparing for the 2023 season by publishing schedules, news, and information on the Masters page and division web sites. There are also a number of ways to connecting with fellow masters racers and supporters through online groups (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google) and subscribing the email lists. We collected as many links and tips as possible here on the Contacts page, so check it out to get connected with your home division as well as national ski racing friends!

  • Masters Contacts Contacts - links to web sites, news groups, Facebook, Twitter,...

Masters Newsletter The Masters newsletter published by U.S. Ski & Snowboard contains news about masters programs and events around the country. The newsletter is published regularly (usually monthly) and is sent to all current masters members and anyone who signs up to receive masters updates news using the form on the Masters News page.

Masters Comp Guide The 2023 Masters Competition Guide is published on and can be downloaded in PDF format. Contact national masters manager Lauren Beckos to request a print copy.

U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership: The Alpine Master membership fee for the 2023 season is $135. Short-term alpine masters memberships may be purchased for $35/day for masters events; a short-term membership may be purchased once per season, for one or more consecutive days of an event, and fees paid can be credited towards purchase of a season masters membership. As in previous years, a current masters mmembership is required for all championship events (no short-term licenses).

Note: the "Alpine Master with Requirements" membership is a higher-priced masters membership for competitors who are also members of a U.S. Ski & Snowboard club working closely with junior athletes. This membership requires SafeSport training (as do all coaches and officials). Most masters do not need the additional requirements membership; you will be directed by your club if you are subject to the stricter SafeSport requirements.

For more information about masters membership options:

All U.S. Ski & Snowboard membership licenses MUST be purchased online. Visit the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership site to obtain or renew your masters membership:


2023 A Racer's Edge National Speed Series The 2023 National Speed Series will feature 21 DH and SG races throughout the country, leading into the series final at Mt Bachelor in April.

2023 Denver Sports Lab Western Championships - Beaver Creek, CO The 2023 Western Championships will be held Feb. 3-5, 2023 at Beaver Creek CO. The 2023 Western Region Championships are being held in conjunction with the FIS Masters Cup event and will consist of 2 SG races, 2 one-run GS races, and SL. Both SG races also count in the 2023 National Speed Series standings.

Competitors 18-29 are not eligible for FIS Masters results/awards but are eligible for all US Western Regionals awards. The overall regional class champion awards will be awarded based on results in all 4 races of the event.

2023 Eastern Championships - Stratton Mountain, VT The 2023 Eastern Championships will be held Jan. 25-28, 2023 at Stratton Mountain VT. The Eastern championships are a 4-race SG-SG-GS-SL event with all four races included in the combined scoring for the overall regional class champion awards. Both SG races also count in the 2023 National Speed Series standings.

2023 A Racer's Edge National Championships - Mt Bachelor OR The 2023 Alpine Masters National Championships will be held Apr. 6-9, 2023 at Mt Bachelor OR in Far West Division. The 2023 nationals are a 4-event championship with the national DH championship and the 3-event SG/GS/SL races for the combined age class champions scoring. The national championship SG race is part of the 2023 National Speed Series standings.

2023 Denver Sports Lab FIS Masters Cup - Beaver Creek, CO The international FIS Masters circuit returns to the US again with the FIS Masters Cup US event on Feb. 3-5, 2023 at Beaver Creek CO, The event will feature a day of SG training followed by 2 SG races, 2 one-run GS races, and SL. Both SG races also count in the 2023 National Speed Series standings.

FIS Masters Cup series schedule: