2016 Phillips 66 Western Championships

Phillips 66

The 2016 Phillips 66 Western Championships were hosted by Rocky Mountain Division at Aspen/Buttermilk on Feb. 4-7, 2016. The 2016 Western Championships are a 4-race SG/GS/GS/SL event with all four races included in the combined scoring for the overall regional class champion awards. The SG race also counts in the 2016 National Speed Series standings.

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Entries and Qualification

You must have a current USSA Masters competition license to compete in regional and national championship events. (no temporary licenses) Complete information on entry procedures and fees are published each fall in the 2016 USSA Master's Competition Guide.

News and Event Schedule

The detailed event schedule is posted on the masters section of ussa.org:

Event Results

Note: the 2016 Western Championships are held in conjunction with the FIS Masters Cup races and run under the FMC age class/group rules. FIS Masters Cup competitions are organized with competitors split into several groups by age and gender. The groupings are A (men 30-54, FMC classes 1-5), B (men 55+, FMC classes 6-12), and C (all women). USSA masters age class numbers differ by 1 from the FIS Masters age classes that start with class 1 at age 30. USSA masters class 1 competitors (18-29) are not eligible for FIS Masters awards but are included in all USSA championship awards.

Race Results By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
Feb. 4, 2016 - Highlands Buttermilk FMC SL results by age class A, results by age class B, results by age class C     overall race results A, overall race results B, overall race results C
Feb. 5, 2016 - Highlands Buttermilk FMC/WR GS #1 results by age class  results by group     
Feb. 6, 2016 - Buttermilk FMC/WR GS #2 results by age class  results by group     
Feb. 7, 2016 - Aspen FMC/WR SG results by age class  results by group  results by gender  overall race results 
Class Combined Standings  (Final) Group A Men combined AGroup A Men combined BGroup C Women combined C
Group A Men combined AGroup B Men combined BGroup C Women combined C

Western Championships Class Champions

The Western Championships class championship is awarded to the racer in each age class who accumulates the most world cup points in all four races SG-GS-GS-SL of the championships.

All US and Canadian racers are eligible for the Western Region champions team, following the scoring rules published in the 2016 USSA Masters Competition Guide. Ties are broken by best finish record, then by best (lowest) race points.