How to Submit Results

Although USSA masters races are unscored races, in that the results are not tracked in USSA's athlete ranking system and thus do not need to be submitted to USSA, the masters provide web results publishing and series/event scoring for regional and national events through their own scoring system.

Organizers of the Eastern and Western Regional championships, events in the National Speed Series, and the Masters National Championships should submit race results data by email to Deb Lewis, the Director of Race Operations Services and Scoring for Far West Masters, as described below.

(Note: in some cases an on-site representative may be designated to receive a copy of the race results data directly at the event. In this case, providing a copy of the data on a floppy disk may be more efficient for all concerned than submitting the file by email.)

Results Data Format

At the end of each race, a copy of the race results data must be submitted for the masters event scoring. Data file formats that accepted:

NOTE Regrettably, it is not currently possible to transmit the results data directly by email using the Email option in Split Second's Send SkiData Files operation - Split Second does not generate a correct results file from a masters race. Please just send the SST data file as described in the following section.

How-to Details

To save a Split Second Timing race data file onto a floppy disk: while working with the race in SST, use the Save As... operation in the File menu - simply select your floppy drive and give the saved copy a file name which identifies the race site/date.

To send the SST race data file by email: you'll need to attach the file to the email message, using the usual procedures of your email program for selecting the file to attach to the message to choose the race data file from your SST race data directory (C:\My Documents\SplitSecond\Alpine and Snowboard).

To generate a SkiData format file from Split Second: the Send SkiData Files operation in SST can be used to generate a SkiData export, but ONLY if you save the export to a file on your hard drive or a floppy disk. The SkiData file, which will have a file name of the form Mnnnn.txt based on the USSA race code can then be attached to an email message to be submitted. Unfortunately, while the E-mail option on SST's Send SkiData Files operation would be a much more convenient to do this, it doesn't work for masters (doesn't include the SkiData Mnnnn.txt file and the FIS XML generated for a masters race is invalid, doesn't include competitor times). Use the Specify Path for SkiData File to save the SkiData file on your hard disk or a floppy.