2006 USSA Skier's Edge Alpine Masters National Championships

The 2006 Alpine Masters National Championships, sponsored in part by Skier's Edge, were held March 18-25 at Sunday River, ME. The 2006 nationals are a four-event championships with the DH championships colocated with the 3-event SG/GS/SL nationals.

See the 2006 Master's Competition Guide for additional details or check the event details announcement on the USSA web site.

The DH and SG races at the national championships are also the final events in the Molecule F 2006 National Speed Series. Age class and overall champions in the Speed Series will be awarded according to the overall points accumulated by racers competing in the series.

Note: daily live timing of the race results during the event will be available in real time on live-timing.com.

Race Results By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
DH (training)        
SG  A/B course ,  C/D course  A/B course  C/D course  A/B course ,  C/D course
GS Group  A,  B,  C,  D     Group  A,  B,  C,  D
SL Group  A,  B,  C,  D     Group  A,  B,  C,  D
Class Combined Champions Group  A,  B,  C,  D

The age class combined champions are awarded according to total race points in all three disciplines contested at the national championships.

Division's Cup

The Division's Cup is awarded to the division with the best ratio of points scored per competitor start for all races in the national championships. Division teams must consist of at least 10 competitors to be eligible. The small but strong Intermountain division squad led the way wire-to-wire on their way to reclaiming the 2006 Divisions Cup from 2-time defending champion Far West.

Competitors Summary

Division # Competitors # Starts Division Cup Score
Central 16 44 0.931 (5)
Eastern 185 472 1.171 (4)
Far West 18 50 1.620 (2)
Intermountain 12 36 2.055 (1)
Northern 4 12 1.5 (n/e)
Pacific Northwest 10 30 1.466 (3)
Rocky Mountain 3 8 1.125 (n/e)
Foreign/Other 10 30 2.2 (n/e)
Total 258 competitors (207 men, 51 women)
Divisions Cup  complete standings

Additional Scoring Reports (Just for Fun!)

Scoring Standings By Class By National Group Notes
Race Points Combined     This is the race points scoring for the triple combined age class champions.
Total Time Combined     This is the raw total times used for race points ranking of the combined class champions.
WC Points Combined     This is the rankings when scored by World Cup points for a triple combined
(competitors must finish all 3 races, as in race points scoring).
WC Points Total     Rankings scored by cumulative World Cup points (Spyder team scoring)
(any finishes count, competitors need not start in or finish all races).
DH Training Results By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
DH training run #1 (Sun)        
DH training run #2 (Mon)        
DH training run #3 (Mon)