2006 FIS Internatonal Masters Cup

The North American site on the 2006 FIS Internation Masters Cup will be hosted by Stoneham, Quebec, Canada on Mar. 16-19, 2006. The event is open to licensed masters competitors age 30 and over and will consist of two GS's and two SL's. Racers compete in 5-year age classes under International Masters rules. Courses will be organized for Group A (men 30-54), Group B (men 55+), and Group C (all women)

See the 2006 Master's Competition Guide for additional details or read the event announcement from the organizers.

Race Results Group A (men 30-54) Group B (men 55+) Group C (all women) All Racers
By Class Overall By Class Overall By Class Overall By Class By Group
Mar. 16, 2006 - GS          
Mar. 17, 2006 - GS          
Mar. 18, 2006 - SL          
Mar. 19, 2006 - SL