2024 Denver Sports Lab FIS Masters Cup

Denver Sports Lab

The international FIS Masters circuit returns to the US again! The 2024 Denver Sports Lab FIS Masters Cup will be hosted by Rocky Mountain Division at Beaver Creek CO on Feb. 23-25, 2024. The 2024 FIS Masters Cup will include 2 SG races, 2 one-run GS races, and SL. Both SG races also count in the 2024 National Speed Series standings.

The 2024 FIS Masters Cup will also be the 2024 Western Championships. Competitors 18-29 are not eligible for FIS Masters results/awards but are eligible for all US Western Championship awards. The overall regional class champion awards will be awarded based on results in all 4 races of the event.

Entries and Qualification

FIS international masters competitions are open to racers 30 years or older by Dec. 31, 2023. US competitors must have a current US Alpine Masters membership as well as a FIS Masters license. The FIS license can be purchased from US Ski & Snowboard for $50; register or renew when you purchase your 2024 US masters membership, or fill out the online application to submit to US Ski & Snowboard membership services.

You must have your FIS license prior to the entry deadline on Feb. 18, 2024. Contact US Masters Director Lauren Beckos at lauren.beckos@usskiandsnowboard.org for additional information or assistance.

Equipment regulations and FIS masters rules are posted on the Master's section Rules and Regulations on usskiandsnowboard.org:

Travel and Lodging

Travel and lodging information is available as part of the event package (see event announcement below)


Entries are due by Feb. 18, 2024 with a confirmation on a FIS entry form from each participating Ski Federation. Fees for race entries, lift tickets, and banquet are listed in the event announcement.

Registration for the FIS Masters Cup will be available online through masters.AdminSkiRacing.com.

Online registration is available on masters.AdminSkiRacing.com masters.AdminSkiRacing.com.

News and Event Schedule

The detailed event schedule is posted on the Masters page on usskiandsnowboard.org:

Additional information on the FIS Masters Cup:

Event Results

Complete event results will be posted here when the FIS Masters Cup races get underway.

Note: FIS Masters Cup competitions are organized with competitors split into several groups by age and gender. The groupings are A (men 30-59, classes 1-6), B (men 60+, classes 7-12), and C (all women).

Race Results By Class By Group Overall
Feb. 23, 2024 - Beaver Creek FMC SG #1      
Feb. 23, 2024 - Beaver Creek FMC SG #2      
Feb. 24, 2024 - Beaver Creek FMC GS #1      
Feb. 24, 2024 - Beaver Creek FMC GS #2      
Feb. 25, 2024 - Beaver Creek FMC SL