Western Regionals 2005 Class Champions - Notes

This document contains explanatory notes about the final class champion standings. A tie for class champion is broken based on best finish position record. Canadian racers are not eligible to be named to the regional masters team.


(there were no ties or eligibility issues to be resolved in the women's classes)


M10 (men 70-74)

Tie between Al Auseklis (IM) and Dick Wood (FW) (65 points each).

CompetitorWorld Cup pointsFinish RecordRace Points
Al Auseklis (IM)653-1-115.09
Dick Wood (FW)651(t)-2-220.52
M10 champion:Al Auseklis(best finish record)

Note: the original posting of these tiebreaker notes incorrectly indicated that the tiebreaker rule was to use lowest total race points, assuming the competitors finished a comparable set of events. This was incorrect - the tiebreaker that has always been used for naming the regional champions is best finish record. The outcome is the same in this case by either tiebreaker rule. Apologies for any confusion that was caused by this web posting being inconsistent with actual tiebreaker rule. [correction posted 22-Mar-2005]