2005 Skier's Edge FIS Masters World Criterium

The Sun Valley Ski Club hosted the 2005 World Championships and International Masters Cup Finals on April 5-9, 2005, sponsored by Skier's Edge. The event is open to licensed masters competitors age 30 and over and will consist of SG, two GS's, and a SL. Racers compete in 5-year age classes under International Masters rules. Courses will be organized for Group A (men 30-54), Group B (men 55+), and Group C (all women)

See the 2005 Master's Competition Guide for additional details or check the event details announcement on the USSA web site. Updated information is available on the Sun Valley Ski Club web site at www.sunvalleyski.com.

Race Results Group A (men 30-54) Group B (men 55+) Group C (all women) All Racers
By Class Overall By Class Overall By Class Overall By Class By Group
Criterium GS                
FIS GS (1 run)                
Uvex Combined  Uvex Outstanding Competitors Combined    

Note: the Uvex Outstanding Competitors Combined awards recognize the top 3 competitors overall in each of the three groups, based on total (lowest) race points. Complete combined standings by class and by group are also included here for the interest of the competitors.