2005 Skier's Edge/Molecule F Western Regional Championships

The 2005 Skier's Edge/Molecule F Western Regional Championships were hosted by Far West Division at Mammoth Mountain, CA on Feb. 4-6.

See the 2005 Master's Competition Guide for additional details or the event details announcement on the USSA web site. You can contact the organizers at the Mammoth Mountain Race Department: (760) 934-0642 or race@mammmoth-mtn.com

Click here to view the announcement from the race organizers with complete information about registration and the event schedule in either PDF format or as an HTML web page.

Event Results

The 2005 Western Regional championships were held with 3 days of spectacular weather and racing conditions for the SG and SL events, with the final day's GS bringing back a taste of winter weather to remind everyone where that great base of snow came from. The courses were challenging but fun for all and the Mammoth Mountain race Department did a great job putting on an outstanding event.

Race Results By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
Feb. 04, 2005 - Mammoth SG        
Feb. 05, 2005 - Mammoth SL      C/D  A/B,  C/D
Feb. 06, 2005 - Mammoth GS        
Class Champion Standings   FINAL:   PDF print format     tiebreaker and eligibility notes

Extra reports: race points combined scoring (last resort for breaking ties in class champion standings)

Western Region Class Champions

The Western Region class championship is awarded to the racer in each age class who accumulates the most world cup points in the three events of the regional championships.

Note: for a detailed description of the regional and national event scoring rules, see the Masters Comp Guide excerpts.