2012 Skier's Edge FIS Masters World Criterium

A special highlight of the 2012 competition season will be the Skier's Edge FIS Masters World Criterium, hosted in North America this season at Mammoth Mountain, CA on March 26-31, 2012. The Criterium is a premier event of the 2012 international masters competition season and a major event that is expected to draw top competitors from around the world.

The 2012 FIS Masters Criterium, presented by Skier's Edge, should be an exceptional event, with the race-proven Mammoth Mountain Race Department backed by the support of Mammoth Mountain putting together a great event on the spectacular slopes of spring in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Skiers Edge

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If you missed checking out your race photos during the event, you can still get your photos from Mammoth Memories Photos, with some great shots by expert race photographer Sue Morning, by visiting their web site at mammothmountainphoto.com. Enter the date of the photos you're looking for and look under Race to view the week's race photos.

Entries and Qualification

FIS international masters competitions are open to racers 30 years or older by Dec. 31, 2011. You must have a current USSA Masters competition license as well as a FIS Masters license. The FIS license can be purchased from USSA for $30; print out the application form using the link below and mail to the USSA office in Park City.

You must have your FIS license prior to the entry deadline on Feb. 25. Contact Bill Skinner at bskinner@ussa.org for additional information or assistance.

Equipment regulations and FIS masters rules are posted on the Master's section Rules and Regulations on ussa.org:

From the Equipment rules: For FIS Masters Competitions, equipment rules are recommendations with the following exception: in SG races, the ski length may not be less than 185 cm for men and 180 cm for women (GS skis may be used for SG). For the FIS recommendations for ski length, ski radius and ski waist width see the current FIS Specifications for Competition Equipment.


Registration for the Criterium is available online through AlpineReg.com.

(event registration is now closed)

News and Event Schedule

The detailed event schedule is posted on the masters section of ussa.org. The organizer's race announcement from Mammoth Mountain provides details on entries, event schedule, and travel and lodging.

Event Results

Race Results By Class Overall
FIS Masters World Criterium
SL Group   A SL results by class A   B SL results by class B   C SL results by class C Group   A SL results overall standings A   B SL results overall standings B   C SL overall standings C
GS Group   A GS results by class A   B GS results by class B   C GS results by class C Group   A GS results overall standings A   B GS results overall standings B   C GS overall standings C
SG Group   A SG results by class A   B SG results by class B   C SG results by class C Group   A SG results overall standings A   B SG results overall standings B   C SG overall standings C
FIS Masters Cup
Masters Cup GS_1 Group  A  B   C GS results by class C Group  A  B   C GS overall standings C

NOTE: Group B and C men's GS races on Saturday were cancelled after high winds forced closure of all lifts accessing the race hill. The women's Group C race with the early 9:30 start was successfully completed.

Additional Scoring Reports (Just for Fun!)

The standings reports in this section provide additional rankings to show standings by race points, total time, and (old) world cup points by class and by group - these are just for fun to see different comparisons of competitor results.

Scoring Standings By Class By National Group Notes
Race Points Combined class combined (race points)  combined standings by group (race points)  This is the rankings using race points scoring for a 3-event combined.
WC Points Combined alt class combined scoring (WC points, must finish)  alt combined scoring by group (WC points, must finish)  This is the rankings using (old) World Cup points for a 3-event combined
(competitors must finish all 3 races, as in race points scoring).