US Ski & Snowboard Services

US masters races are organized under the rules of U.S. Ski & Snowboard, the national sanctioning body for alpine ski racing. Sanctioned US masters races are listed on the US race calendar and competitors must have an Alpine Master membership valid in the current season.

Race organizers and administrators use services provided on the web site for checking that competitors have a valid current membership and the races have completed schedule agreeements as sanctioned races on the current season calendar. for sanctioned races on the current season calendar. Some services are available publicly, while some features may require login to your member account.

Direct links to important USSS services and resources for race organizers and officials are provided here, as many find navigating the USSS site to locate information of interest to be somewhat challenging. All of these lookup and report services are also available directly from your member portal account home page once you have logged in (look for the links in the Tools sub-header section, immediately following your account information at the top of the page).


US Alpine Forms and Rules

Information, forms, and competition rules are published on the web site. This material is publicly available and does not require account login.

Short-Term Alpine Masters Membership

A short-term Alpine Master membership can be purchased online once per season for one or more race days at $35/day. (Note: a full Alpine Master membership is required for regional and national championship events)

US Member Lookup Services

The Member Lookup service is located in Public Tools on

All competitors in a sanctioned US masters competition MUST have a masters membership, regardless of any other memberships - Alpine Master, Alpine Master with requirements, or Short-Term Alpine Master (non-championship events only). A competitor with a Pending status is allowed to compete as long as they have a masters membership, but may not participate in any other role.

IMPORTANT: use the Pending Members report in Public Tools to check members in "Pending" status to review their requirements.

For a FIS Masters race hosted in the US, all athletes must have a current FIS Masters license. US athletes must have an Alpine Master membership and must purchase their FIS Masters license through their US Ski & Snowboard member account.

Member Lists

The original membership portal supported a membership list service that allowed organizers to list and download members by division or membership type(s), which enabled downloading division masters members lists. That capability is no longer supported - multiple matches on the member lookup filters can still be exported to CSV (requires account login), but there is no search filter on membership type(s) so the list service is essentially broken.

US Event Lookup Service

To check the US race calendar for ensure the schedule agreement for your event is completed and obtain the race codes required for race packet and results submission, use the Event Lookup feature on the web site:

In the search filters, select Sport "Alpine" and Event Type "Masters". Optionally filter to a division, state, or a specfic location.

NOTE: A race code is assigned upon completion of the US Schedule Agreement, which must be submitted by the race organizer for a competition to be sanctioned on the US calendar as a masters competition. This is essential for liability and secondary accident insurance coverage of the event.

The schedule agreement for a masters event must have separate race codes for each gender, even if the event is held as a mixed-gender race using "masters start order" rules with both men and women competing on a single course. A single race packet and TDTR can be submitted for the M/W gender pair of races codes, but the US results submission system requires the race results to be split by gender and submtted separately.

A list of sanctioned events and races returned for your search filter conditions can be exported to CSV (requires account login).

US Officials Certifications Reports

To check officials status or get a complete list of current officials certifications, use the Official Lookup feature on the web site:

Select Sport "Alpine", then optionally set other filters for division, state, or specific certifications. A list of officials returned for your search filter conditions can be exported to CSV (requires account login).

US Masters Points Lists

US Ski & Snowboard publishes a masters points list data file containing all licensed US masters competitors periodically throughout the competition season (generally at the beginning of each month). The masters points list file can be used with the Split Second Timing or Vola SkiAlpPro software to assist in correctly entering racer information such as name, age, and US license number when inserting competitors in a Masters Alpine race data file.

Although points list files are generally downloaded directly from the race timing software, the current alpine masters points can also be downloaded directly from the Alpine Points page on

The Split Second software supports downloading and installing the current points list from within the program, which is the simplest and most commonly used technique. See the Split Seconds Tips page entry Installing Points Lists Files if you want to download and use the points list with the Split Second timing software.

For FIS Masters competitions in the US and Canada, the current FIS masters points list published by FIS is needed along with the national masters points list. FIS Masters points list formatted for use in Split Second is prepared by Deb Lewis from Far West and provided to the race organizer.