Vola SkiAlpPro Timing Software

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This page provides information and resources for working with the Vola SkiAlp Pro timing software, the standard alpine race timing software for USSA starting in the 2015-16 season.

The transition to Vola timing software for the 2015-2016 season was a challenge to learn the software and prepare instructional material to assist organizers and race crews. A team drawn from the masters community with experience in race organizing and timing has developed the procedures and resources published here. The ongoing effort to provide masters support is led by Deb Lewis (Far West) and Kip Blake (NE Masters), along with Meri Stratton (Intermountain), Esther Delli Quadri (Rocky), and Doug Briggs (SkiRaceReg). Please contact these people or your division leadership with questions, comments, and suggestions.

Techniques and Resources for Masters races in Vola's SkiAlp Pro *** DRAFT ***

Techniques and resources are provided here with the recommended procedures and settings in Vola's SkiAlp Pro to most easily perform common operations for a USSA Alpine Masters race.

General Information


Preparing the race file

Running the race

Special procedures for Division rules

Submitting results to USSA

Sample Events

Software Change Requests for Vola SkiAlpPro

An list of the currently outstanding requests for corrections and improvements that have originated from masters race organizers are posted here:

An end-of-season review of Vola capabilities for running age-group masters races was prepared in April 2016 to summarize the key areas where there are difficulties and to provide suggestions for improvements.

Links and Contacts

Additional resources for race operations:

Contact Information

For questions or comments on this material, contact:

Deb Lewis
Director of Race Services and Scoring, Far West Masters
Email: Deb Lewis at dlewis@usalpinemasters.org