2009 Skier's Edge Eastern Regional Championships

The 2009 Skier's Edge Eastern Regional Championships were held at Whiteface Mountain, NY on Mar. 5-8. The regional championships are a 4-discipline SG/SC/GS/SL event, with super-combined being added to the event and included in the combined scoring for the first time this season.

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After a weather malfunction limited the 2008 Eastern Regional Championship to a single day of SG racing under challenging conditions, 2009 provides racers with a "do-over" opportunity to again compete on the Draper's Drop venue that has hosted many top-level USSA races. SG training will be offered on Thursday, with the championship SG race on Friday morning. Friday's competition will include a 1-run SL that will be combined with morning SG results for a super combined that will be counted as part of the overall scoring for the Eastern Region championships. The GS race will be held on Saturday, with Sunday's SL competitions featuring separate A/B and C/D courses.

Awards parties on Friday and Saturday evening will include food, video, raffles, and prizes. Post-race social events in Lake Placid will include opportunities to ride the bobsled, trips to the ski jum, skating events, and seeing the sights in the Olympic Village.

Entries and Qualification

You must have a current USSA Masters competition license to compete in regional and national championship events (no temporary weekend licenses). Submit your entries to NYSEF or sign up online at www.nysef.org.

News and Event Schedule

The detailed event schedule is posted on the masters section of ussa.org and the event organizers have provided additional information in their race announcement flyer:

Event Results

Although the weather forecasts had sounded discouraging prior to the event, following a week of major snowstorms all up and down the eastern seaboard, the 2009 Eastern Region championships were favored with good weather and successfully held all four races as scheduled. After SG training on Thursday to open the weekend, Friday featured a SG race followed by a SL run to compse the SC race. Saturday moved on to the technical events with a GS, followed by the final SL race on Sunday.

Race Results By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
Mar. 6, 2009 - Whiteface ER SG        
Mar. 6, 2009 - Whiteface ER SC        
Mar. 7, 2009 - Whiteface ER GS        
Mar. 8, 2009 - Whiteface ER SL      C/D  A/B course C/D course
Class Combined Standings  pdf report (best for printing) or  web page format

Eastern Region Class Champions

The Eastern Region class championship is awarded to the racer in each age class who accumulates the most world cup points in the four events of the regional championships.

Note: The tiebreaker rules for the overall class champion in the event of a tie on total world cup points across the 4 races of the series is (1) best finish record and (2) if still tied then use race points within age class to break the tie. If still unable to break the tie, use best start/finish record. (Scoring report with age class race points is available below in the Additional Scoring Reports section).

Additional Scoring Reports (Just for Fun!)

Additional "just for fun" scoring reports will be posted within the next day, with additional scoring rankings allowing competitors to compare their performances across different groups of competitors in addition to the usual rankings by time for their age class.

The Additional Reports section includes alternative rankings and groupings of the results that give competitors additional ways to compare themselves with other racers outside their immediate age class. Rankings organized by national group or gender or in the overall rankings of all competitors who were on the same course allows racers to see how they compare against different sets of competitors.

Scoring Standings By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
Class Champion WC Points Combined (see above)      
Race Points Combined     (available later) (available later)