2009 Skier's Edge Western Regional Championships

The 2009 Skier's Edge Western Regional Championships were hosted by Intermountain Division at Park City, UT on Feb. 5-8. The regional championships are a 4-discipline SC/SG/GS/SL event, with super-combined being added to the event and included in the combined scoring for the first time this season.

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The Western Region championships opened on Thursday with a super combined race (1 run each of SG and SL) on Payday, followed by Friday's championship SG race on Payday. The weekend GS and SL races featured separate A/B and C/D courses on CB's and Picabo's respectively in the Eagle race arena. A large field of 164 competitors came to Park City for the 4 day championship event and were treated to a top-notch event.

After a beautiful opening day of racing with the SC on Thursday, the weekend weather brought additional challenges to both competitors and the race crews with intermittent fog and snow. Friday's SG was delayed as competitors helped slipped the race hill, then waited through several postponements due to dense fog throughout the morning that reduced visibility below the minimum for a safe speed speed event. A break finally arrived at mid-day, with improved visibility and lifting of the drifting fog allowing the race to get underway. Thanks to the efforts of the race crew, competitors enjoyed a good track and an exciting race.

Racing shifted to the Eagle race arena for the weekend, with the A/B and C/D groups taking turns on the SL and GS race hills of Picaboo's and CB's respectively. Despite overcast conditions and intermittent bouts of fog and light snowfall, the courses provided good racing conditions both days. Dye work on the GS course was particularly appreciated by competitors battling flat light conditions on the challenging steeps of CB's run. After four days of first-class racing, the final day wrapped with the awarding of regional champion jackets to the overall winners in each age class.

Complete results from the Western Region championships are posted below. Thanks and appreciation for their efforts in putting on an outstanding event go to the Park City Race Department and everyone who contributed to providing a great experience for all the competitors. If you liked the event, please take a few minutes to provide feedback to the Park City Mountain Resort through the PCMR online feedback form - providing positive feedback shows our appreciation of their efforts and willingness to host our race events.

race video Race Video

Daily race video was provided once again this year by Eric Luhowy, who came down from Boise to shoot our races. If you'd like a DVD from the event, email Eric at lfh-productions@cableone.net with your mailing address.

Entries and Qualification

You must have a current USSA Masters competition license to compete in regional and national championship events (no temporary weekend licenses). Entries should be submitted to the Park City organizers by by January 28 and must be accompagnied by full payment. Entries received after the Jan. 28 deadline will be charged a $20 late fee and accepted only on a space-available basis subject to the 200-competitor field size limit.

News and Event Schedule

The detailed event schedule is posted on the masters section of ussa.org:

Event Results

Race Results By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
Feb. 05, 2009 - Park City WR SC      C/D  A/B ,  C/D
Feb. 06, 2009 - Park City WR SG        
Feb. 07, 2009 - Park City WR A/B GS, C/D SL  A/B GS C/D SL  A/B GS  C/D SL  A/B GS C/D SL
Feb. 08, 2009 - Park City WR A/B SL, C/D GS  A/B SL C/D GS  A/B SL  C/D GS  A/B SL C/D GS
Class Combined Standings (Final)  A/B C/D (pdf, best for printing) or  A/B C/D web page format

Western Region Class Champions

The Western Region class championship is awarded to the racer in each age class who accumulates the most world cup points in the four events of the regional championships.

Competitors Summary

Total number of competitors: 164 (118 men, 46 women)

Division # Competitors # Starts Division Cup Score
Alaska 3 11 0.818
Central 6 20 1.85
Eastern 1 4 2.0
Intermountain 101 245 1.865
Far West 23 72 2.097
Northern 3 12 2.333
Pacific Northwest 10 32 1.718
Rocky Mountain 17 49 2.102
Total 164 445  

Additional Scoring Reports (Just for Fun!)

Additional "just for fun" scoring reports will be posted within the next few days, with additional scoring rankings allowing competitors to compare their performances by both time and race points across different groups of competitors, in addition to the official rankings by time for their age class.

The Additional Reports section includes alternative rankings and groupings of the results that give competitors additional ways to compare themselves with other racers outside their immediate age class. Rankings organized by national group or gender or in the overall rankings of all competitors who were on the same course allows racers to see how they compare against different sets of competitors.

Scoring Standings By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
Class Champion WC Points Combined (see above)    C/D  A/B C/D
Race Points Combined      C/D  A/B C/D