2002 Masters Eastern Regional Championships

The 2002 Eastern Regional Championships were held Mar. 2-3 at Killington/Pico Peak. The Saturday SL was run on two courses, split by groups A/B (younger men) and C/D (women and older men). The Sunday GS was run with all competitors on a single course.

Event Results

Race Results By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
Mar. 2, 2002 - Pico Peak SL      
 C/D course
 A/B course
 C/D course
Killington GS        
Class Combined Standings    

Eastern Region Class Champions

The Eastern Region class championship is awarded to the racer in each age class who accumulates the most world cup points in the three events of the regional championships.

Note: First-place ties in the combined standings for the 2002 regional champions are broken by fastest total time: