2008 USSA Skier's Edge Alpine Masters National Championships

The 2008 Alpine Masters National Championships, sponsored in part by Skier's Edge, were held March 17-22 at Mammoth Mountain, CA. The 2008 nationals are a four-event championships with the DH championships colocated with the 3-event SG/GS/SL nationals.

Competitors were treated to a spectacular week of racing, with Mammoth Mountain putting on an amazing event in every way. The top-notch Mammoth race crews ran the competition events all week with clockwork precision, providing impeccable racing conditions every day with the welcome assistance of great weather as well as amazing work done nightly by Mammoth's grooming crews to prepare the racing surface. Activities off the hill in the slopeside Mountainside Conference Center featured daily awards parties where the apres-race socializing came with a view of the race hills and tasty snacks. The week wrapped up on Saturday with the final day of racing followed by the awards banquet in the MCC, where an excellent buffet dinner provided a final touch of class to an outstanding event.

The masters competitors were very impressed and appreciative of the hard work of the organizers and race crews in putting on such a fantastic national championship event. Many thanks to Beat Hupfer and his people in the Race Department, as well as to the Mammoth Mountain management whose support that made this event possible. If you'd like to provide some feedback to Mammoth on this event, send an email to racedepartment@mammoth-mtn.com or by mail to Mammoth Race Department, P.O. Box 24, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546.

race results complete event results below

race video Race Video

Daily race video was provided once again this year by Eric Luhowy, who came down from Boise to shoot our races. If you'd like a DVD from the event, email Eric at lfh-productions@cableone.net with your mailing address. He's asking $25 for the DVD, which certainly isn't too much to ask in return for the time and skill Eric brings to us by voluntarily shooting our championship event with no strings attached!

Entries and Qualification

You must have a current USSA Masters competition license to compete in regional and national championship events (no temporary weekend licenses). Entries should be submitted to your home division by February 8.

News and Event Schedule

The venue for the DH and SG speed events has been changed from the originally planned Denny's Downhill course that runs off the back side of Mammoth Mountain to the World Cup course that runs from the bottom of Cornice Bowl on the upper mountain down onto Fascination, the main race hill at the base area. This is the same course where Mammoth has run women's world cup SG events as well as the US nationals DH.

The detailed event schedule is posted on the masters section of ussa.org:

Race Results

Note: in order to manage the large field of competitors and provide good conditions for all at this championship event, competitors are split into several groups by age and gender. The groupings are A (men 21-44, classes 1-4), B (men 45-59, classes 5-7), C (all women), and D (men 60+, classes 8-14). The SG and the GS events were run on two courses to separate the younger A/B classes from the C/D groups of older men and all ladies while in the SL each group competed on their own course.

Race Results By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
DH (training run times below)        
SG  A/B course C/D course  A/B course C/D course  C/D course  A/B course C/D course
GS Group   A B C D  A/B course C/D course  C/D course  A/B course C/D course
SL Group   A B C D     Group   A B C D
Class Combined Champions  A B C D
 A B C D

The age class combined champions are awarded according to total race points in all three disciplines contested at the national championships.

Division's Cup

The Division's Cup is awarded to the division with the best ratio of points scored per competitor start for all races in the national championships. Division teams must consist of at least 10 competitors to be eligible. The 2008 Divisions Cup was captured by Intermountain division squad.

Competitors Summary

Division # Competitors # Starts Division Cup Score
Alaska 4 11 1.181 (n/e)
Central 14 34 1.264
Eastern 25 55 120
Far West 96 209 1.358
Intermountain 35 79 195
Pacific Northwest 20 41 2.048
Northern 4 11 1.818 (n/e)
Rocky Mountain 10 21 1.476
Total 208 competitors (150 men, 58 women)
Divisions Cup  complete standings

Additional Scoring Reports (Just for Fun!)

The standings reports in this section provide additional rankings to show standings by race points, total time, and world cup points by class and by group - these are just for fun to see different comparisons of competitor results.

Scoring Standings By Class By National Group Notes
Race Points Combined     This is the race points scoring which is used for the triple combined class national champions.
Total Time Combined     Alt ranking on actual total times that go into race points ranking for the combined champions.
WC Points Combined     This is the rankings when scored by World Cup points for a triple combined
(competitors must finish all 3 races, as in race points scoring).
WC Points Total     Rankings scored by cumulative World Cup points (Spyder national masters team scoring)
(any finishes count, competitors do not need to start in or finish all races to be eligible).
DH Training Results By Class By National Group By Gender Overall
DH training run #1 (Tue 3/18)        
DH training run #2 (Tue 3/18)